Baggy Wrinkles

Baggy Wrinkles
S/V Nautica, Hull #614, Built at Whitby Boatworks Ltd., Ontario, Canada 1977, one of the most recognizeable Carl Alberg designs. A masthead sloop displacing 9000 lbs, keel hull, Yanmar 15 hp diesel, LOA 30.27 Beam 8.75, Draft 4.29, roller furling headsail, tiller, berths for 4, interior teak bulkheads, teak cap rail and cockpit teak coamings, 12 volt lighting, aluminum mast support, Harken self tailing winches, in its day was designed for customers as a Cruiser-Racer, the Alberg 30 remains a Classic design of the modest Alberg inventory.

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Lake is Rising!

It's been a nervous waiting period for our lake and vessels.  But it's over now!

Relying on our Sailing Club smart guys, who did depth readings for every one of the 50 or so cruisers in slips at our club and for the masterminding and moving itineraries for each keel to be able to fit as the lake drew down, many skippers were quite fortunate to have been quite safe during the past few months.  But now, water is rising and better days are ahead.

One of my projects on an upcoming visit is to refurbish the KiwiGrip that has performed marvelously.  My intent is to do a thin application and alter the color just a bit.  My blend had turned out a bit pinkish and I will take it to Sherman Williams for a color match more for a light grey if possible.  KiwiGrip is a water-based product and easy to manipulate.  

In addition, I've decided to retain the unique look of the Alberg and commission the same individual with Broad Reach Marine to redraw and fit my dodger, color matching my mainsail cover.  I'd brought that dodger with me overseas, but after consultation with a seamstress who might have been able to assist except that the machines we have access to are not able to make the seams.   No big problem, this dodger needs to be able to provide good coverage for a next generation.

It's not that requisite to have a dodger on our lake, but the overall look of an Alberg with a bit of cockpit protection is its well-dressed look.  

This quick snap was taken by Jim Griffith aboard a Cal 30 who was sailing abeam.  Quality is not that great but overall impression is great.  The head sail is the one I've had since purchase but has now been converted into commercial products by Sea Bags.  They will give you a credit for sails you donate to them and provide a commensurate product for you as a reimbursement.

There's a lot more sailing to do this year and I've asked Chef-Skipper Tommy to find his friend with the drone and "Drone the Alberg" under sail.  Perhaps we can do that during the windy month of March while I will be back in town attending to issues "stateside."  I am sure Nautica will be engaged with a variety of sailing days this year.  He might even campaign her in a Beer Can race!

The spreadsheet continues as one thing and then another changes and gets replaced and/or improved.  Through all her improvements Nautica continues to profit longevity.  These Albergs may not be the newest or enjoy the most ample digital devices in their fleets but bit by bit they attain a status of some of the most beautiful classic plastics who sail.  And I cannot see that this will ever change but to become even more special as the remaining fleet narrows over the years.