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Baggy Wrinkles
S/V Nautica, Hull #614, Built at Whitby Boatworks Ltd., Ontario, Canada 1977, one of the most recognizeable Carl Alberg designs. A masthead sloop displacing 9000 lbs, keel hull, Yanmar 15 hp diesel, LOA 30.27 Beam 8.75, Draft 4.29, roller furling headsail, tiller, berths for 4, interior teak bulkheads, teak cap rail and cockpit teak coamings, 12 volt lighting, aluminum mast support, Harken self tailing winches, in its day was designed for customers as a Cruiser-Racer, the Alberg 30 remains a Classic design of the modest Alberg inventory.

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Alberg Detention Almost Over

The long winter is almost over.  And with it, some of the best sailing on Lake Murray.  I have thoroughly enjoyed its 80 square miles of sailing venue and look forward to more winters ahead.

Few vessels get out on the lake during Winter except for anglers.  Most of the sails appear in summer when the sun is hot and the winds are lackluster at best!  But hope is near, we're almost 10 feet below normal lake levels.

This incredible event is chronicled on the below pictured website:

While that photo looks rather benign (now read the depth indicator again), here is a photo taken by one of the cruisers in our club.  It shows "A" dock where Nautica was moved back in October.  

The photo at left is where the water was when I visited in November.  At right is where it was a week or so ago.  The line of the shore intersects with the dock system about another boat length ahead of Nautica.  I am told she's still fine as long as she doesn't move an inch or two!

This drawdown is much more aggressive than those we've seen in the past 5 years.  It's part of the management of our ecosystem on the lake in attempting to stem the overgrowth of weeds that are inclined to gather in the shallows causing overgrowth and impeding traffic and easy access to the water.  I discussed this in an older post.

Looking back on my photos over the past six years on the lake, I have never been successfully blocked from egress or ingress.  This photo was from 2016 when we had a bit of draw down.  As you can see, at that time there was little impact on our main areas.  It was only relevant to returning and avoiding passage near the DNR bouys.

A cold Winter sail is good for the soul!  (This is before I removed the dodger!)

We're getting closer to freedom.  I anticipate that I may be able to get Nautica out of her slip near the end of March when I pass through South Carolina before heading back overseas.  I am sure I will spend some nights aboard too, spending as much time on her as possible.  I will plan some new film angles with my GoPro and hope to get Chef-Skipper Tommy to get us Droned during that time too.  Oh well, gotta keep up with technology to some degree.  If it helps you understand the Alberg 30 better or helps you make a decision to find one of these remaining classics, all the better.  You will not regret this vessel!

I have 28 videos of both my Typhoon and the Alberg on my You Tube Channel; click this link to discover and to be amused.