Baggy Wrinkles

Baggy Wrinkles
S/V Nautica, Hull #614, Built at Whitby Boatworks Ltd., Ontario, Canada 1977, one of the most recognizeable Carl Alberg designs. A masthead sloop displacing 9000 lbs, keel hull, Yanmar 15 hp diesel, LOA 30.27 Beam 8.75, Draft 4.29, roller furling headsail, tiller, berths for 4, interior teak bulkheads, teak cap rail and cockpit teak coamings, 12 volt lighting, aluminum mast support, Harken self tailing winches, in its day was designed for customers as a Cruiser-Racer, the Alberg 30 remains a Classic design of the modest Alberg inventory.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Travel Diversion to the Barcolana

Barcolana Regatta
Click on the "Barcolana Regatta" over this photo for more images of the size of this event!
It was a fabulous Autumn Saturday as we followed our friends to Trieste for the assembly of the Barcolana Regatta of some couple of thousand sailboats.  The skies were hazy and temps warmish as we made our way off the Autostrada onto the local seaside avenue providing breathtaking views of a silver Adriatic.  It was reminiscent of the Pacific Coast Highway in California.  Surprisingly, villas populated the rocky crags which cradled the road, hidden by tenacious vegetation accustomed to the strong Bora winds that often blow down from the West onto this cove of the Adriatic Sea on the eastern corner of Italy.

Of course, parking in Trieste was a nightmare when we arrived but we managed to find our way after creeping inch by inch around a number of lots in our hosts' Mercedes wagon which I was sure was going to get pinched sooner or later.  The crowds were thick alongside the quay where a variety of sailboats lined up.  Docking was no less intense here than it is anywhere.  Simple designs, and a few derelict vessels too, nested along the harbor's seawall.  A very fast looking 30 meter racing yacht adorned with tanned crew standing at the ready, tying-to in the harbor made for their slip with what looked like was certainly too fast.  Yet the strong winds were no match for these skippers well acquainted with the maneuver necessary to enter the slips.  Lines were tossed to a watching crowd as the boat would ease toward the sea wall and pause while crew nonchalantly smiled giving directions to loop the line on the large chain holding the boats' mooring lines.  And there was no drama as we were able to admire the carbon spars and shiny hull of many a very fast looking design.

Another crew aboard a gaff rig barque, folded their sail and made fast their gorgeous wooden boat.  Simple, probably quite slow, but absolutely classic looking also joined this Regatta.  Admired by all of us, my hosts liked the barque over the mega yachts.  There's something about the historicity of these older designs, very similar to our Alberg designs, albeit not so old, which attract the eye.  

Being separated from s/v Nautica during this overseas sojourn, this was a delightful segue into the Italian sailing fascination which proves to be quite strong indeed!  

Sunset at Trieste's Barcolana Regatta

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Another Hurricane on the way

Here we go again.

Models indicate Hurricane Michael is enroute.  With recent preparations, Nautica is positioned to ride-out the winds in her temporary slip.  

Standing atop Monte Grappa in Italy wondering if S/V Nautica will be ok this time around.

Winds should be coming from the East and Northeast again yet the eye's direction looks to be heading directly for our location.  There's only so much prep one can do in these situations.  Once she is securely tied-to, we simply have to wait our turn for nature's arrival.  

Just as Skipper Tommy had refitted her with sails, Michael's arrival surfaced, and the sails have to come down again.  One of the constant worries is flying debris, and one has to always wonder if a neighboring slip occupant has done enough for their vessel to keep others around safe and sound.  We'll have to wait and see about that.

Keeping fingers crossed and watching spaghetti models, hoping that we all will manage through another hurricane with minimal disruption and damage to everyone here at the club and all around town.