Baggy Wrinkles

Baggy Wrinkles
S/V Nautica, Hull #614, Built at Whitby Boatworks Ltd., Ontario, Canada 1977, one of the most recognizeable Carl Alberg designs. A masthead sloop displacing 9000 lbs, keel hull, Yanmar 15 hp diesel, LOA 30.27 Beam 8.75, Draft 4.29, roller furling headsail, tiller, berths for 4, interior teak bulkheads, teak cap rail and cockpit teak coamings, 12 volt lighting, aluminum mast support, Harken self tailing winches, in its day was designed for customers as a Cruiser-Racer, the Alberg 30 remains a Classic design of the large Alberg inventory.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"This is for all my Friends!"  (Mikey Rourke's one-liner from the movie the Bar Fly)  A bit of sailing for those trapped in the jowls of storm Juno, now ravaging the NorthEast USA.

Had a great sail today.  That's not really much to say on most days, but to have done that in the dead of Winter on a brilliantly sunny day with bearable temps and stiff breeze is something to say!  I post this with great hesitation as I realize many of the Cape Dory discussion board (CDSOA) are socked-in up in New England during the heavy storm Juno, the nor'easter bringing what appears to be record cold and snow in that region.

Having splashed Baggy Wrinkles on Sunday afternoon, she was waiting on me Monday.  Forecast was for 15 miles per hour with gusts to 20 or 25.  And so it was.  Once again, nobody was out on the lake in my vicinity.  I don't like a crowd, so that was fine with me!

This cove area protects the water surface from building waves and provides a cleaner run of about 1 mile in any direction.

Once arrived at the dory, I searched in vain for my sail ties and discovered I'd left those at the house.  Brilliance.  Had to set the jib and forgo reefing the mainsail.  She blew over a bit but in the flat waters of the cove but nothing out of the ordinary.  The sailing was brisk and bright, a good pick-me-up in the midst of this harsh Winter in the South.  

Winds are supposed to be 5 to 12 for the next day or so, but these blows tend to be fickle at best if they blow.  And many times, the best winds are these brisk front trailing winds.   Will see what tomorrow brings!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

You gotta love a southern climate in winter!  Checked on Baggy Wrinkles today in temperatures of almost 70 degrees.  I had to pinch myself that we're in the "dead of winter" so to speak.

So the cover for her is now underway at Sailor's Tailor.  And I needed to confirm a couple of measurements with photos for the folks sewing the thing.  Just the excuse I needed to ride my motorcycle to the Yacht Club.

The tarp over the cockpit had done an amazingly good job of sheltering the dory during my 2 week absence while traveling north.  Yet the debris was very very light.  I don't anticipate the cover for about 4 weeks and the next surge of debris until march when the pollen begins to fall. 

Yesterday was a great motorcycling day however, heated gear was not needed.  As you can tell from the photo, skies were bright and clear and the wind was at a minimum.  Hopefully the cover will arrive in good time to protect Baggy Wrinkles from the junk that falls from the skies.  And we won't even begin to talk about snow and ice!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dead of Winter, Annapolis, a couple of pics from a cold walk around the harbor.  Have to get back to South Carolina where the high temp today will be 67 degrees!  Still looking for my cover from Sailor's Tailor.  As yet, no word.