Baggy Wrinkles

Baggy Wrinkles
S/V Nautica, Hull #614, Built at Whitby Boatworks Ltd., Ontario, Canada 1977, one of the most recognizeable Carl Alberg designs. A masthead sloop displacing 9000 lbs, keel hull, Yanmar 15 hp diesel, LOA 30.27 Beam 8.75, Draft 4.29, roller furling headsail, tiller, berths for 4, interior teak bulkheads, teak cap rail and cockpit teak coamings, 12 volt lighting, aluminum mast support, Harken self tailing winches, in its day was designed for customers as a Cruiser-Racer, the Alberg 30 remains a Classic design of the large Alberg inventory.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

It's time for a boat show!  Departing this evening for the Newport Boat Show in Newport Rhode Island. It'll be a fast trip, getting in late, up early with chilly temps to find something to eat, and then beginning the daunting task of seeing everything nautical.  Let me make it easy for you to find: as pictured here... 

For those who've never been, it might seem overwhelming.  But, as you might imagine, a boat show draws hordes of people, some looking to buy a yacht, some looking to trade up, some looking to see other yacht people, and then those who have no idea what they're doing but follow the crowd down the wharf. 

Of course our interest is particular.  1st Mate and I know better than to be seduced by gorgeous blues, teak boarding ramps, barefoot aboard yachts that when below you'd swear you're no longer on a yacht, but in a 5 star Hotel in another world altogether.

Our last boat show was in Cannes, France.  We'd already purchased our yacht in the Moorings yacht charter Corporation and were enjoying the benefits of that incredible Beneteau 473....

As you can see, the 473 was quite the vessel.  1st Mate had plenty of room in the Captain's foc'sle, abbreviation for "forecastle" of the ship where the crew is housed.  Foc'sle is the proper pronunciation of this salty area. This first photograph is from the Nice Boat Show some years ago where people are crawling all over yachts from scores of vendors.

Now, most aspiring Captains would prefer to go from small to large when it comes to their yachts.  In our case, we went from large to small.  I think with boats, it is a matter of time, place and money!  And in this time, we had less time and place for a 47 foot yacht.  Time overcame us and we had to sell her on the market as we couldn't take her with us at the time.  Jobs and life got in the way.

Our vessel, Halcyon, pictured in the last photo underway in the British virgin Islands was a premier yacht with all the bells and whistles, including A/C for those hot nights in port!  She was simple to single hand, and easy to sail, almost like that 12 1/2 foot dingy I had learned to sail on in Hawaii in 1968.

So as we board the flight to Newport, we're not looking to purchase another yacht, we're looking to fill our noses with everything nautical, poke around some super yachts barefoot, eat something fresh out of the sea, and perhaps find something for Baggy Wrinkles back home. 

After all, there's a lot of nautical "what-nots" at a Boat Show and Newport will have plenty of Classic little yachts as well.  We might even see a Cape Dory somewhere in the mix, but who knows?  It would be fun if you're a follower of Baggy Wrinkles, to say hi if you notice us in the crowd.  We'll look rather out of place I'm sure, like this shot, taken underway aboard Halcyon by Yacht Shots in the British Virgin Islands, 1st Mate is the only one in compliance with her PFD: